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You Never Get A Second Chance

Ask April

You Never Get a Second Chance ... To make a sexy first impression

Not to scare you or lay the pressure on too thick, but first impressions matter…a lot. In fact, I think they're the one factor that most determines whether your romance will bloom past the first date, or just shrivel after one meeting.

First impressions are immediate, long lasting, and in most cases—permanent. So no matter how great of a guy you are; or know matter how sweet of a girl you can be once be once someone gets to know you, the reality is: Your success with romance will be based almost largely upon the initial meeting.

Look the Part
Statistics show that how we appear speaks more about us, and is more important, than what we say verbally. Looking the part is over half the battle and although it may not get you all the way there, it will get your foot in the door. Remember that old adage, "Dress for who you want to be. Not who you are." It holds true in business and in love.

Tips to take away:

- Ditch the tennis shoes and t-shirts, don loafers and a button-down. You can still keep it casual without succumbing to your former frat-wear.
- If your fingers can't make their way through your hair, start over. To much gel (i.e.—if it's visible to the naked eye) is a major turn-off.

- Learn to accentuate your best assets without going totally overboard. Leave little to the imagination…and they won't spend their time imagining. Leave a little to the imagination…and they won't be able to stop spending their time imagining!
- Remember that you're a w-o-m-a-n, and dress the part! Don't be afraid to be sexy.

Act the Part
It is a fact that in our personal affairs, as in our business dealings, we sell ourselves first. Poor attitude, image, and behavior will adversely affect your success with romance, just as it will negatively impact your success in business. If you want the role, look the part and act the part.

Successful businesspeople understand the importance of positioning themselves by positively influencing the perceptions of others. They understand the strong link that exists between the product and services they provide and the impression the buyer has of the sales person who is selling them.

Tips to take away:

- It's all about confidence. Confidence in who you are, what you do, and in how you treat your date, too.
- Don't wonder whether she likes you. Know that she does (within reason, of course).

- Being timid and quiet will only get you so far. No need to drown out your date, but also no need to let your ideas and opinions go unheard.
- Your greatness isn't something to keep under wraps. Don't be afraid to wow him.

Be the Part
Dating, as in business, is really all about sales. Think of yourself as a product (not necessarily romantic, but definitely smart) and the person you're interested in as the buyer. People who look successful and know how to manage their attitude, behavior, and appearance to their advantage will likely "make the sale".

And above all, remember: the first time you meet someone, you have an opportunity that will never come again—the chance to make a fantastic first impression!

Ready for even more bold, brutally honest, and always helpful dating advice? Visit my Web site, www.Ask April.com There, you'll find informative articles, expert columnists, interactive quizzes, and free giveaways! And don't forget to also check out my workshops, designed to help you find you real "soul mate"!

© 2005 April Masini
Nicknamed "the new millennium's Dear Abby" by the media, April Masini writes 'AskApril.com,' the hot, provocative dating and relationship online magazine, the critically acclaimed 'Ask April' advice column and is the author of the best-selling book, Date Out Of Your League (TurnKey Press, 0-9746763-0-6) as well as the newly released, Think & Date Like A Man (iUniverse, 0-595-37466-2). Interviewed for over 2,100 national and international articles and opinion pieces, radio and televions shows, including those on CBS, FOX, ABC, CNN, MSN, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, New York Daily News, Newsday, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Wired, AOL, WebMD, and Yahoo! -- "April writes what Dear Abby will never print, and what your shrink doesn't have the guts to tell you!"

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