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A Wake Up Call For All Good Guys

We are living in interesting times. On one hand, men and women are free to be sexual with each other like no time ever before in history. You can be sexual with who you want when you want- and there's far less stigma than before- less pressure to get married very early, less pressure to marry a certain type of person, etc.

And everywhere you look, you are bombarded by images of being cool, looking sexy, etc. There are endless products out there to make you look good, smell good, etc.

Yet on the other hand, for the most part, guys have never been so UNcool before, ever in history! And there has never been such a massive gap between the guys who KNOW how to deal with women and the guys who DON'T.

There are reasons for this, and I'd like to touch on them here. It's important to understand this in order to realize the gravity of the situation. If you don't know what the situation really is, you cannot solve it.

It used to be simple for 99.99 percent of human history:
Men were needed for their hunting abilities and men were needed for the protection they provided. Women were needed to bear children and raise them, and to help gather food.

Also, men "worked" separately from women- whether it was hunting or working the land, the men were in one place and the women were working either by gathering food, or by rearing children or both. So there was less opportunity for men and women to be unfaithful, although there was still PLENTY of unfaithfulness since the beginning of time- but at least there was a BALANCE between men and women when it came to this issue.

Today, things are different.

First of all, almost every technological development, every legal change, every social change, in the western world has had the effect of STRENGTHENING women's power, while WEAKENING men's power.

Think about it- technology has made MUSCLE less necessary. We have machines that can do almost all of the hard work necessary for survival. We've also kind of outgrown that living in the jungle thing and hunting thing. So in one sense, testosterone and strength are not exactly what they once were from a sheer bargaining point.

So men have lost some of their natural purpose. (Don't worry though, because as you'll soon see, women still NEED you to behave as a MAN in order to get turned on.)

A woman once needed a man with some muscle and some testosterone and aggression for survival and protection.

So men and women were a natural match, and men and women evolved to feel attraction to their opposite gender's natural attributes and characteristics.

Today, those characteristics are from a rational point of view obsolete- we don't NEED those behaviors or attributes to survive- i.e. we have security systems, and we have LAWS that pretty much protect us. So we learned to REPRESS these behaviors that no longer are "logical". The problem is that since man's ability to attract women lies ESPECIALLY in his behaviors, repressing those natural behaviors is particularly damaging to his sexual appeal.

Whereas for a woman, from a sexual standpoint, her behavior is not nearly as important as her appearance. So attractive women these days still have nearly the same sexual power as they did long ago, while today only the guys who "got game" and the guys who are BAD BOYS possess this same power.

Most attractive women are not afraid of toying with a nice guy and using him if he allows himself to be used. And if a nice guy does find out, the best thing he can do is just walk away- but there is very little deterrent for a woman to NOT use a nice guy- especially since on a NON LOGICAL level- the EMOTIONAL level, she feels NOTHING for him, since he is NOT acting the way NATURE designed him to act.

So attractive women will toy with nice guys till their heart's content. But of course, if we are to believe the b.s. we are bombarded with by Oprah Winfrey types, men are always the bad guys.

The truth is there is only a very small percentage of men who are "bad guys".

Okay, back to THE WORKPLACE issue:
As I said, there used to be a time when women and men had far less interaction with each other en masse since they worked in separate fields completely. This meant that for a man in a relationship, his wife was home, and that allowed for far less opportunities for other men to "play game" on his "woman".

Today, however, since women are so intertwined with men in the workplace, women are far more vulnerable to be manipulated by a guy who knows how to exploit a woman's emotions. Often, first, she'll feel awesome by this new guy who knows how to pull her strings. Then, much later,
she'll feel horrible, only to fall prey to another guy who does the same thing to her. This is a new threat to relationships that never existed before the natural division of labor was obliterated by technology.

Women are highly EMOTIONAL creatures. Their emotions are like buttons on a computer- press the right ones in the right combination and you can do almost anything.


Sure, some men may be unfaithful just like some women, but most men are not, and moreover, even when a man does "cheat" he RARELY cheats because a woman "played" with his emotions. It just doesn't happen like that.

But everyday, women in relationships fall for guys who know how to play the "game", especially when the guy they are in the committed relationship with does NOT know how the game works.

The bottom line is that if you are a good guy, you better learn how to play that game because you can no longer depend on society or the natural state of things to protect your relationship. By the way, women are not to blame for this whole situation.

If women actually WANTED any of this so called progress, then all those executive women who are the CEO's of various companies would not be lining up for Prozac like they are doing.

"You've come a long way, baby" but no one ever said it was the way women wanted to go.

Look, you show me a woman who is "successful" and I'll show you a woman who wants a man far MORE successful than her. Why? Because
women only get turned on by men who seem MORE dominant and HIGHER up than them. So much for women wanting a guy who is EQUAL to them, huh?

Now before anyone thinks I'm a mean guy, let me say I am all for women having equal rights, but what I am NOT for is the idea of promoting a fallacy that women want a man who is EQUAL to THEM. That is why it is crucial that you assert a little dominance with women. Today, attractive women often use their sexuality as a form of RAW POWER- this is why attractive women will use men EVERYWHERE to do all kinds of things for them.

They will attempt to tease men with their sexuality and attempt to intimidate or control or bargain with it- whether it's at a club for free drinks, or a guy to do their homework for her! Of course, a few generations ago, women could not as easily do this, since they were separated from men till marriage. The new structure of society allows women to take advantage of innocent ignorant men.

However, this all BACKFIRES when a woman encounters a man who knows how to PLAY the GAME.

You see, men NATURALLY will ALWAYS beat women at the game of BEING A MAN, because it's EASY for a man to love MANY women, he can spread his emotions far and wide and feel GREAT.

For 99.99 percent of women, they will eventually want a commitment from a man they give sex to. So a man who knows how to play a woman will take ADVANTAGE of the current situation where women are so EASILY accessible EVERYWHERE, and where there is NO PRESSURE from society to marry anymore.

How does he do this? By playing with her easy to manipulate emotions. And getting her to have sex QUICKLY with him- once this is achieved, the woman often falls in LOVE. The power shifts instantly into his favour, since he does NOT fall in love so fast and can easily feel desire for TONS of other women. Now HE has the bargaining chip- i.e. What will you do FOR ME to keep me with you?

But MOST men have been brought up with the OLD concept of women being ANGELS, and so most men try to appeal to women by giving UP the other women, since most men believe that women will appreciate this.


Women DON'T APPRECIATE it any more- they are taking it for GRANTED from nice guys. Nice Guys have been being so nice to women for so long now and have been made to feel so guilty by Oprah types that they are giving the keys and all the power over to women without a blink.


Now this guy, these days, is TOTAL NOVELTY and total excitement, since he gives women the CHALLENGE. Plus, the BAD BOY is usually a rough and tumble type who is closer to the NATURAL MALE, who was bred to be TOUGH. AND he is having a FIELD DAY, since women can no longer force marriage on him, and since women are so EASILY ACCESSIBLE in public! So the BAD BOY has got 3 advantages- he's a novelty and challenge, he is MASCULINE, and he has an ENDLESS SUPPLY OF WOMEN!

Hmmmm maybe women were NOT SO STUPID for thousands of years when they lived the old fashioned way- maybe women were actually SMART and were protecting themselves from abuse. Anyway, today a woman values the commitment from a bad boy more than from a nice guy
(of course that commitment from the bad boy never comes) and plus bad boy is behaving rough and tumble, the way an unrepressed man naturally would, which turns women on in a very visceral sense.

Oh yeah, and by the way, if you EVER try to explain this stuff to a woman, you will come across as only ONE thing: INSECURE.


Instead, THINK:
See the big picture here:

Some men getting all the women, some men getting none, relationships are in an all time jeopardy, and you can't use logic to explain any of this to a woman so that she will "see the light."

What's the solution?


What I have done is read, researched, tested and observed thousands of ideas and concepts on how to be more successful with women. And then I sifted through it, selecting only the concepts that WORKED, and wrote it all down. You can now have this information at your fingertips-
it's all clearly written down inside my eBook, The Dating Wizard: Secrets To Success with Women.

You won't have to go through all the work of figuring out what works and what doesn't because I've already gone through it for you. I have come to some very powerful conclusions that will save you TONS of energy, work and time.

What I am most proud of is that my system will allow you to STOP WORRYING about "What to do" or "What line to come up with" or even "Did I do that right?"- The reason for this is because my system is about developing your INSTINCTS for women. These instincts are already there inside of you, but have just been repressed by society's brainwashing.

There's nothing wrong with you, we just have to clean up your mental hard drive- think of my book as a tune up for your already AWESOME weapon known as your MIND.

This book is where you need to start- it's the basis for understanding everything I discuss.

You can begin reading this important information within MINUTES of now.
To download the eBook, just go to:

And if you would like a personal one-on-one telephone or email consultation with myself, you can now arrange that by calling 416 630 9966 or emailing me at Michael@TheDatingWizard.com

Over the course of one million years, man has adapted and evolved powerful strategies for attracting women.
Now, you can learn them all in just a few hours of reading and practice.

Make the decision to become more successful with women NOW. You really can have success with women- the choice is now in your hands.

Till next time...

Michael W

Michael W, better known as The Dating Wizard, shows how to attract any woman in any situation through his LIVE demonstrations in real life venues like clubs, cafes, and bookstores. These demonstrations are part of Michael's workshops and bootcamps where clients are taught exactly how to achieve the same results. He is a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows nationwide, and also offers additional private coaching services over the telephone. To find out more information about Michael's services as well as
his best selling eBook, "The Dating Wizard: Secrets to Success with Women", go to his website at www.TheDatingWizard.com

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