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Russian Women Online: Meet Real-Life Russian Brides - Intelligent, Educated, Beautiful and Sexy!

You certainly have heard about mail order brides and Russian women seeking foreign men for marriage, but most likely you have not met any real-life Russian brides.

Let me introduce you to a few of them - a tiny fraction of many thousands Russian women that have found their love and marriage abroad.

But first, a reality check:

What kind of Russian women are seeking partners abroad?
- Some desperate, poor girls that try to better their lot in life by "selling themselves"?

Who are the men that seek Russian brides?
- Some old, fat, unattractive losers, who cannot get any woman at home and are "buying women" in poor countries?

Do those answers seem to make sense to you?
Then read on - you are up to a big surprise!

Meet REAL-LIFE Russian brides:

Marina Smiley, MD - married to an American man she met online. Medical Doctor by education, Marina used to have her own successful company back in Russia. The author of the popular eBook "The shocking truth about Russian brides" (http://www.womenrussia.com/aboutrussianbrides.htm) Marina hates the stereotyping of so-called "mail order brides", and believes it is about time to set up the record straight in regard to Russian women seeking men for marriage.

Irina Sbitneva, PhD in Chemistry - married to a Dutch man she met online. Irina's website "Russian Women Truth" (http://www.russian-women-info.com) is her hobby; she is working on Cancer Research in Netherlands. Back in Russia, she was working as a scientist in a Research Institute, too.

Olga Sapp - M-degree in Russian language and literature, married to an American man for more than 5 years. Olga is the Editor of the popular "Russian Women Magazine" (http://www.russianwomenmagazine.com) - an online publication for Russian women living abroad. She used to be a successful TV-journalist back in Russia.

Elena Hughes - M-degree, married to an American man she met online. Elena used to have a successful travel agency back at her home country Belarus but decided that having her own family was more important than a career. So she sold her travel agency and set her goals on finding a husband. Now Elena is the happiest mom of a beautiful baby-girl and thinks it was well worth it. Meet Elena at http://www.russian-wife.net

Elena Petrova - M-degree in Philosophy, married to a South African man for more than 5 years, currently living in Australia. Elena has two children in her marriage, a boy and a girl. Back in Russia, Elena used to be a regional manager of a large marketing agency, having 150 people working for her. Her income would fit into top 10% of the population. Now Elena's website "Russian Brides Cyber Guide" (http://www.womenrussia.com) is one of the most popular places for information about Russia - even school kids writing essays about Russia use it. Her second website "Elena's Models" (http://www.elenasmodels.com) is a dating agency for Russian girls seeking serious relationship and possible marriage, with clients in 47 countries of the world.

So - what do you think about real-life Russian brides?
Do they sound like low-class, desperate poor girls "selling themselves"?


Neither their husbands are unattractive old fat losers.

Take my husband for example: he used to be a top-manager of a corporate company, the head of finance department, and a successful athlete as well - running marathons and ultra-marathons, and has got 3 medals for the toughest Comrades Marathon, which is 90 km through the hills (the ones who run marathons will know what it means!). 6'4" tall and trim, you think he could not find anyone at his home country?!

So WHY those men and women set up to look elsewhere for marriage partners?

The answer is simple: CHOICE!

They can find a better quality partner abroad than is available for them at their home countries.

That's it.

No hidden agenda, "buying women" - "selling themselves", just natural human aspirations.

Forget "mail order brides" nonsense - the fact that people marry somebody from a different country than their own is a natural attribute of the Internet age where national borders have started to fade.

We live in the interesting times, pals.
Embrace the opportunities!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The author of this article, Elena Petrova, is the creator of Russian Bides Cyber Guide, the first website about Russian women seeking foreign men for marriage, designed by a Russian woman.

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