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The 7 Mistakes You Make When Approaching Women And How To Correct Them Immediately

talk (verb): to communicate with spoken words.
gawk (verb): to stare STUPIDLY.

It's a well known fact that 90% of the men in this world cannot walk up to a woman they are attracted to and have a short conversation in which they even simply SUGGEST to the woman that they'd like to see her again.

Don't believe me? Take a look around you. Observe how many guys notice when an attractive woman walks by. Now observe how many guys TALK to this woman, compared to how many guys GAWK ("stare stupidly") at her.
Isn't this strange?
Isn't this odd?
Now look at your own behavior. I'd be willing to bet you usually do the same thing. Most guys are GAWKERS, not TALKERS.

So why do so many guys wuss out when it comes to talking to women?
And what can YOU do to stop making this critical error?
You're about to learn the seven most common mistakes guys make when approaching a woman. Can you find YOUR errors below?
Betcha can...

Mistake #1: You talk yourself out of approaching a woman because you think she is "out of your league."

How many times have you seen an attractive woman somewhere and thought to yourself,
"She's out of my league. She wouldn't go for me. She's too hot."

This is probably the biggest trick the male brain plays on us guys. Because when you think like this what you're actually doing is PRE-REJECTING YOURSELF. You are fouling out before you even step up to the plate. And it's amazing how often guys who ARE willing to approach women actually get phone numbers and dates from women they never thought would be interested in them.

And consider this:
If you're thinking she's out of your league, then probably most other guys are thinking the same thing.

Some of the hottest women are approached the least. And so they can be very receptive to a guy starting a "normal" conversation with them. But YOU must be the one to initiate the conversation.

Mistake #2: You believe that if you approach a woman you'll make her feel uncomfortable, and she'll think you're a jerk or a pervert.

Ah, this is one of the many "Nice Guy Traps."
The logic goes like this:
"I'm a nice guy and I don't want to make women feel uncomfortable. Approaching this woman MAY make her feel uncomfortable, so I'd better not."


What's really happening here ISN'T that you're being nice. What's REALLY happening here is you're scared, but you don't see this yet. Instead of seeing the truth (that you're scared), you rationalize your decision not to approach by falling back on your identity as a "nice guy." You need to FREE YOURSELF of this delusion.

Read this section again if you have to. I think you'll find I'm right on target.

As soon as you learn how to approach with class, no woman will think you're a jerk or a slimeball for approaching her. When you do it right, many women will actually respond, "You just made my day." You must get over this Nice Guy Trap to get what you're looking for.

Mistake #3: You expect women to be rude if they're not interested in you.

Almost every guy has created a nightmare scenario in his head of what might happen if he approaches a woman, asks her out, and she's not interested. You may think she'll laugh at you. Or tell her friends what you said and ALL OF THEM will laugh at you. Or that she'll say something rude to you that'll make you feel about 3 feet tall.

But you know what MOST women will tell you if they're not interested?
Get ready….
"I'm sorry, I have a boyfriend."
That's it.

Sometimes they really do have a boyfriend, sometimes not. But even when it's not true, is hearing this really such a big deal? It actually helps you save face and exit the conversation with your pride still intact. So a rude rejection really isn't doesn't come up all that much. Sure, occasionally (less than 10% of the time) you'll come across a rude woman, but this is the exception, not the norm.

And even then, it's not that big a deal. Move on to your next approach with a woman who isn't rude, and you'll soon forget about the bitchy one. It's all about learning the right mindset.

Mistake #4: You assume you need to have a long conversation to get a woman's phone number.

Many guys make approaching women more complex than it has to be. That's why they rarely (if ever) do it. But truth be known, by the end of the FIRST MINUTE women have already made up their mind. Either they're available and curious enough about you to give you their number, or they're not.

You don't need to have a 10-minute conversation that's totally amazing, mind-blowing, and earth-shattering to try to "convince" a woman to give you her number. All you need to do is learn a sincere and direct approach that lets her know you're normal and interested in her. And best of all, this can be done in usually under just two minutes.

It doesn't have to be rocket science, guys. Isn't that a relief?

Mistake #5: You shower a woman with compliments, thinking that's the best way to get her to give you her number.

The internet is full of misinformation on the subject of giving compliments to women. If you believe what you read, you might think complimenting a woman is the absolutely worst thing you could do.

So, let's clear up the confusion right now:
If you SHOWER a woman you just met with compliments, she'll think you're needy. This kills any hopes of her feeling attraction toward you (unless she's very insecure herself). But if you give her JUST ONE compliment, you will communicate in a non-needy way that you are a man noticing her as a woman. Women will usually interpret this as a sign of confidence. Especially since most guys don't yet have the courage to do this. Giving JUST ONE compliment also prevents women from misinterpreting your conversation as just a "friendly" one. They'll see you as a sexually aware man, not as just another sexually neutral wuss-friend.

First, remember to give just one compliment. Next, learn WHICH compliments are the most effective to give and you'll be on your way.

Mistake #6: You have conversations with attractive women that don't end with you asking for a number.

When you're talking to a woman you're attracted to, a very strange thing happens. For most guys, there's pressure to not cross what I call The Friendship Line.

The Friendship Line is an invisible yet powerful force that tries to seduce guys into becoming friends with women, rather than becoming more than just friends. You cross The Friendship Line by commenting on a woman's attractiveness, turning the conversation sexual, or suggesting a date. Yet most guys hesitate to do any of these three things. They hesitate to cross The Line because doing so risks rejection.

Again, they THINK they hesitate because they're being nice, but REALLY they're feeling fear. Specifically, fear of rejection and fear of embarrassment. If you want to be seen only as a friend, just have lots of conversations with women where you do NOT comment on their attractiveness, do NOT turn conversations sexual, and do NOT suggest a date.

You'll have lots of female friends. Oh, and by the way, men who ARE able to cross The Line will be dating and sleeping with these "friends" of yours, while you continue to have your "nice, friendly" conversations.

This is the reality. You can be just a friend. Or you can be a potential lover/date. But you can't be both. You decide.

Mistake #7: You falsely believe you can't RADICALLY transform your own approach skills.

This is definitely the BIGGEST mistake guys make.

It is SO MUCH EASIER to fool yourself into thinking your situation can never change rather than to take responsibility and make things happen for yourself. Most guys bail out of the game before it's even started. And that's a big part of what motivated me to enter this field. Because I know all you need to do to transform your success with women is to learn a few simple skills (that I know EXACTLY how to teach, hint, hint).

But because most guys tell themselves, "I'm not the kind of guy who could ever approach women like that," they end up settling for women and relationships that they really aren't happy with. Or they settle for being alone. Because they feel like they don't have a CHOICE.

Well I'm here to say there IS a choice.

I know, because I've been on BOTH sides of the fence.

I know how it is to feel like you don't have the power to strike up conversations with those attractive women you see in random places, like your local store, restaurant, coffee house, or even on the street. And I know how simple it is, once you know what the skills are, to literally fill your dating calendar by just approaching these women. And this is WITHOUT even going to bars or clubs.

Just by taking advantage of the opportunities you're missing every day during your normal schedule, you can fill you dating calendar.

In fact, I've written an ebook on this very subject. I have students across the U.S, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. And the testimonials keep coming in.

Free Newsletter

I even have a free newsletter where each week you can receive great tips on how to MASSIVELY increase your success with women, whatever your specific goals might be. I suggest that you join. It costs nothing, I never sell or share your email with anyone (I hate spam just as much as you do), and unsubscribing takes just 2 clicks.

And in addition to this newsletter I also have that killer ebook that will give you a fool-proof, step-by-step, day-by-day plan on how to meet and date the women you want. It's especially focused on helping the average "nice guy" develop the specific skills he needs to fix his situation.

You'll not only get the full scoop on how to approach women, but also how to build attraction once you've met them, and even how to take things physical in an easy, natural way.

To start to receive your free newsletter and to download the ebook that you can be reading literally three minutes from right now, just follow the link: www.anywomananywhere.com

Free Newsletter And The Ebook Download

In Case You're Wondering...
No, this isn't some sort of fly-by-night internet company that is here today, gone with your money tomorrow. I started my company in October of 2003. My goal was to create the simplest and most effective system on the planet to help the average "nice guy" transform his success with women.

Like I said, I have students across the globe who are enjoying women more than ever before. Tons of testimonials prove this. I stand behind my products 100%. And they're fully backed by a no-hassle guarantee.

In a field full of snake-oil salesmen and losers posing as experts, I pride myself on professionalism and integrity.

So if you're ready to RADICALLY and ONCE AND FOR ALL have the women you deserve, I hope you’ll give the materials a chance and click below:

Your Dating Coach,
Kevin Bates

By the way: Have any buddies who want more success with women? Forward this article to them. They'll thank you later.

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