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The Easiest Thing To Improve Your Success With Women

We're going to focus on some fundamentals, some basics that all men must get in order before doing all the cool stuff I'll have you do in just a couple of days from now.

Some of you reading this already have the subject for today mastered, while others need some major work. If you were standing in front of me I'd know in a heartbeat which group you belong to.

Can you guess what I'm talking about here?

If you think it's how you present yourself physically, aka "Grooming" then you're absolutely right.

I almost hate to spend an email on this because some of you are already doing excellent in this area. But since many guys definitely could use the help, it warrants some attention.

And it can make a HUGE difference for some of you. So, you can't change you're looks...

Or can you?

Listen, if you're grooming sucks right now, you will be shocked and amazed at how much more positively women will react to you when you get your grooming kicking serious booty.

And you'll find that your confidence will get a nice little boost as well. So what can you do to radically improve your looks?

Step 1: Visit a Plastic Surgeon

That's right, I highly recommend getting a nose job, a chin job, a tummy tuck, definitely a breast enlargement, and a...
hold on...

wow, that was weird... I thought I was talking to a group of wealthy, bored, recently divorced milf's here in the OC.

Okay, for you GUYS it is a little bit different:

1) Dress Well
If you dress like a slob, you are getting no play. Period. You don't have to dress like you stepped right out of the pages of GQ, but you MUST pay attention to your clothes.

Sneakers are bad (unless you're a Skater Dude and want to attract Skater Chicks).

Your clothes must match, especially your belt with your shoes. Start to notice guys who you think are dressed well, ask them where they got their clothes and go buy some similar ones.

Or go to the mall and grab a cute female customer service person or her male equivalent that seems pretty hip, and ask them for advice.

Don't spend a fortune!

Start off with one cool shirt, pants and shoes and a belt that all work together, and that should get you started.

By the way, right now one trendy look that women really go for is a long sleeve button down shirt with a collar that you wear NOT tucked in to a pair of nice jeans. Make sure the shirt isn't too long or you will look again like a slob and get no play.

2) Have Impeccable Hygiene
Cut neck, ear, and nose hair regularly. Shave, shower, deodorant every day. Brush, floss, and use mouthwash all the time. Keep finger nails short (they might be going places later, and you don't want to cause any catastrophic internal injuries ...)

3) Get A Good Haircut
If you look like you NEED a haircut, women will often scratch you off their list before you even open your mouth.

If you are kind of clueless when it comes to what hair style would suit you best, just find some female somewhere and ask them if you could use a haircut.

You may have to fork out a few extra bucks for a good cut, but it'll be well worth it.

Oh, and if you're hairline is receding (like mine is), short is very good. Do not try a "comb over." If you're really balding, shave your melon my friend!

And that's enough about grooming for today.

Take one thing that I mentioned today that you need to address and take action on it within 48 hours.

Continue making eye contact, saying hi, and either thinking of or giving compliments to the women you see, and in a couple of days I PROMISE we'll get to the secret that holds back 90% of guys from ever expressing interest in women they are attracted to ... and whether or not this may be holding YOU back right now from the success with women you are looking for.

And if you're finally ready to take your dating to the next level, instead of just studying or hoping, then go check out my ebook, "Any Woman, Anywhere."

You'll learn how to meet women, how to build attraction, how to turn friends into something more, how to get girlfriends, even how to take things physical in a smooth, relaxed way.

Click the link below and you'll be learning in just 5 minutes from right now:

In the mean time, get out there, apply these ideas, and I'll speak to you again in a couple of days.

Free Newsletter And The Ebook Download

In Case You're Wondering...
No, this isn't some sort of fly-by-night internet company that is here today, gone with your money tomorrow. I started my company in October of 2003. My goal was to create the simplest and most effective system on the planet to help the average "nice guy" transform his success with women.

Like I said, I have students across the globe who are enjoying women more than ever before. Tons of testimonials prove this. I stand behind my products 100%. And they're fully backed by a no-hassle guarantee.

In a field full of snake-oil salesmen and losers posing as experts, I pride myself on professionalism and integrity.

So if you're ready to RADICALLY and ONCE AND FOR ALL have the women you deserve, I hope you’ll give the materials a chance and click below:

Your Dating Coach,
Kevin Bates

By the way: Have any buddies who want more success with women? Forward this article to them. They'll thank you later.

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