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The Massage Move

I'm going to give one more simple yet powerful strategy to help you begin touching or kissing the women you date.

You must be able to move things to a physical level in a smooth, natural way if you ever hope to have the success with women you're looking for.

If you don't have the skill, you'll be continually FRUSTRATED.

I mean, how many times have you been with a woman that you wanted to start to touch or kiss, but you didn't quite know how to do it. So you either did something lame which she didn't like, or you didn't do anything at all?

I used to find myself in those situations WAY MORE than I wanted.

So here's one solution you can start using tonight:

The Massage Move

Massage is a great strategy to help you move things to a physical level.

Massage is a powerful strategy because it gets women relaxed and open to further advances. For some women, it actually starts to turn them on and get them aroused.

Here's one example of what to do:

Simply ask if your date would like a little massage. If she says no, don't worry about it. It just means she wasn't ready for whatever reason. No problem.

But many women will jump at a chance to get a free massage. After all, it feels great…

So if a woman says yes, start massaging her back while she still has her shirt on. Then lift up her shirt to massage her lower back. Then kiss the back of her neck. Continue massaging, and then ask her if she wouldn't mind taking off her shirt off as she lies on her stomach.

Massage some more. Kiss her neck and ears. Move around to kiss her mouth. To kiss her mouth she'll need to turn her head way to the side, which should expose her breast. Start fondling her breast while you kiss her. Etc, etc.

Get the idea?

By the way, massages are much better with massage oil than without, so go and buy some.

Don't know how to give a massage? A great book on massage in these situations is Erotic Massage: the Tantric Touch of Love by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D. It has plenty of pictures and super simple instructions. It also covers massaging the female genitalia in ways most women have never experienced and will love you for afterwards!

Massage is also a valid reason to ask a woman to go back to your place. You can say that you just bought a book on massage and you want to practice the techniques, but you don't have anyone to practice on.

And if you're traveling and you're looking for an excuse to bring a woman back to your hotel room, this excuse is as good as any.

Most women will know exactly what you're inviting them to when you offer them a massage.

Will Massage Work EVERY Time?

Does massage work EVERY time?

Of course not. NO STRATEGY works every time. So stop looking. However, massage IS one of the better approaches to start touching or kissing the women you date.

Now, of course, massage definitely won't work if you DON'T know:
• How to get over your fear of approaching women in the first place.
• How to be the kind of man who women are NATURALLY ATTRACTED to.
• How women think about men, and what they are looking for.
• How to keep conversations going, how to make women laugh, and how to make women want more of you.
• How not to appear nervous or needy, even if you may feel that way on the inside.
• How to tell when women are playing games with you, and what to do about it.

In other words, you have to know MUCH more than just the Massage Move to ever get to the point of even being able to try it out.

What you need is a COMPLETE EDUCATION.

If you're serious about dramatically improving your success with women, then you need to start learning the skills that can make BIG changes, IMMEDIATELY, in your situation.

Where to get such an education?

Well, if you haven't already picked up a copy, I suggest checking out my ebook, "Any Woman, Anywhere." And it doesn't matter if you're looking for one night stands, consistent dates, or a future wife. It doesn't matter if you already have your eye on one special woman, or if you have no idea where your next date will come from. When you learn the skills in my e-book, it'll help you achieve your goals with women...WHATEVER your goals may be.

Click the link below and you'll be learning in just 5 minutes from right now:

In the mean time, get out there, apply these ideas, and I'll speak to you again in a couple of days.

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In Case You're Wondering...
No, this isn't some sort of fly-by-night internet company that is here today, gone with your money tomorrow. I started my company in October of 2003. My goal was to create the simplest and most effective system on the planet to help the average "nice guy" transform his success with women.

Like I said, I have students across the globe who are enjoying women more than ever before. Tons of testimonials prove this. I stand behind my products 100%. And they're fully backed by a no-hassle guarantee.

In a field full of snake-oil salesmen and losers posing as experts, I pride myself on professionalism and integrity.

So if you're ready to RADICALLY and ONCE AND FOR ALL have the women you deserve, I hope you’ll give the materials a chance and click below:

Your Dating Coach,
Kevin Bates

By the way: Have any buddies who want more success with women? Forward this article to them. They'll thank you later.

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