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Discover Secrets to Captivating Women that "The Man" Doesn't Want You to Know

Welcome back, Friend.

Time for another rambling diatribe from the mind of a world- class degenerate womanizer! Just kidding... I'm really a nice guy.

I'm sitting in the airport in Auckland, New Zealand, waiting for my connecting flight back to San Francisco. We just did a workshop in Syndey, Australia, and it was a blast. Hopefully I can get this issue banged out before I have to board the plane... let's give it a shot.

As you're most likely aware, I got into the pick-up game about three years ago. When I started, I was no better off than the next guy, and probably worse in many respects.

Over the course of those three years, I was fortunate enough to have met and learned from some of the best in the game. When push comes to shove, I think that's why I wass able to develop so rapidly.

Anyway, I'm getting off track here.

When you've been doing this stuff as long as I have, you start to see parallels to the game everywhere.

In my experience, analogies are a great tool to help people understand concepts that might otherwise seem very strange and foriegn.

For example, in quantum physics, they use the term "spin" to describe a certain property of electrons which, in reality, has nothing to do with the behavior of a child's spinning top. It's just a means by which to relate an alien idea to the everyday world and make it more accessible.

So yeah, over the years, I've developed several analogies which have helped me deconstruct the game into easily understandable "layman's terms", if you will. My favorite of these is the basketball analogy.

The other night, I was sitting around the pad, I had about an hour to kill before I was gonna have a first meet with this chick. Just shooting the basketball. I was thinking about the meet: is it gonna go good? What routines am I gonna run? Golly I hope I don't screw up!

All of a sudden, a thought came to me. This date I was about to go on was no different than the activity I was currently involved in: shooting hoops from the top of the key.

I've made this shot thousands of times. I have also missed it thousands of times. The point is, somewhere in my kinesthetic memory was the knowledge of the exact signals my brain needed to send my body in order to make the ball go in the basket.


I shot the ball. -swish!-

The thoughts continued: "Furthermore, this is fun for you!"


Method plus fun equals success.


At this point, after sinking three perfect shots in a row, all feelings of tension/nervousness just evaporated. I know how to do this, I have done it many times before, and it is what I do for FUN.

Needless to say, I went on the date and killed it in under three hours.

This is the attitude.

So, that experience really got me thinking. The next time I was out there shooting the hoops, I thought about it some more, and began to see more parallels.

Think about it.

When you're taking a shot, it's a lot like doing a cold approach.

Sometimes, the ball will go straight in. Other times, it will bounce off the rim, or wobble around it before it goes in. In game terms, sometimes you'll score cleanly, other times, you'll make errors in set but barely squeak by and get the lay nonetheless.

Sometimes, you set yourself up for the shot with a great deal of preparation, paying attention the the fundamentals, i.e. your stance, form, etc. Other times, you go for flash, busting off spin moves and fadeaway jump shots. You may be less likely to sink the shot when you're showing off, but it's more fun and more impressive to the spectator. This is like the difference between running "solid game" (following the principles and game plan to the letter) and "flash game" (going for 2 minute makeouts and super quick extractions).

Are you following me here?

When you're out in the field, up in mix, it can seem like a crazy, complicated, scary thing. Once you start to look at the game in this light, not only does it start to make a lot more sense, it also loses a lot of its intimidation factor.

Listen, I'm not saying that this analogy is the end-all be-all or the holy grail of seduction or any nonsense like that. Take it for what it's worth, okay? If it helps you like it helped me, that's great, but it's not intended to revolutionize the universe.

Having said that, I saved the best realization associated with this particular analogy for last.

I used to have a lot of self-limiting beliefs with regard to my ability to score with the elite, high-calibre girls, i.e. the 9s and 10s. I thought, "I can't get those girls, it's so HARD!"

In other words, I had a sincere, deep-seated belief that it was MORE DIFFICULT to game up the hotter girls than it was to go for the lesser-quality ones.

In our analogy, this is the difference between taking a shot from the free throw line (i.e. the lesser-quality chicks), and attempting a three-point shot (the 9s and 10s).

The three pionter is tougher, right?


Here's the thing I realized: I've attempted and made BOTH of these shots thousands of times. Again, the proper nerve impulses required to make these shots are stored in my kinesthetic memory.

The epiphany? One is not HARDER than the other, they're just DIFFERENT.

The variables are different, that's ALL.

Each one has its unique challenges. In many ways, one could argue that picking up a 7- is MORE difficult, because of the challenges inherent in calibrating your value to that of someone with low self-esteem. After all, this game we teach is built for the high-calibre chicks; approach an insecure girl with it and she may look at you like you're a freakin alien before running away.

Chew on that the next time you see a super hottie walking by.

It's important to realize that this game is just that, a GAME. Your success or failure has nothing whatsoever to do with your worth as a person, just as your ability to shoot a basketball has no bearing on your value as a human being.

Most guys don't think of it like this, however. See, we're conditioned from a very young age to believe that not being good with women says a lot of very BAD things about us as people. That we're unattractive, socially inept, etc.

These beliefs are in large part designed by society to keep the majority of people locked in negative patterns. So the philosopher kings of pick-up can maintain their status at the top of the hierarchy, banging the women of their choice left and right while the other guys pick up the pieces.

A wise man once said regarding pick-up, "Every failure is a brick in my palace."

So now you're in on the secret:

The art and science of captivating a women is a skillset like any other, easily learned if you're willing to put in the time and effort.

Shh! Don't tell anyone! :)

Just like in basketball, though, it's important to have a coach, to show you the finer points, the nuances, that just can't be conveyed in black and white print.

As I said above, when I first decided to make that change and get this part of my life HANDLED, I floundered around at it for years without much success.


It wasn't until I met up with some truly gifted individuals in person that my game started to take off by leaps and bounds.

The bottom line?

I'm sure, given enough time, I would have eventually figured most (MOST!) of this stuff out on my own. But as it turns out, that wasn't necessary.

Because I found a shortcut.

Jump-Start Your Game And Shave Years Off Your Learning Curve!

In the Real Social Dynamics live, in-field Personalized Workshops and Bootcamps, our Executive Coaches will bring the full force of all their experience and knowledge to bear on your current sticking points, annihilating them out of existence.

This kind of professional, objective advice isn't available anywhere else. This has never been done before.

Learn more about the Rsd Individualized Bootcamps by visiting our site:


Over the course of the program, you'll be bombarded with MOUNTAINS of cutting-edge information to rocket your game to the next level.

Armed with this information, you'll be able to:

=> Approach any group of people without fear or hesitation.

=> Immediately capture their undivided attention.

=> Separate yourself from the competition.

=> Build attraction within minutes (if not seconds).

=> Consistently establish comfort and trust.

=> Deflect any opposition with conversational ninjitsu.

=> Demonstrate that your standards are extremely high.

=> Seal the deal consistently!

Our bulletproof system is the final product of years of fine-tuning, polishing, and perfecting. It'll increase your success beyond what you thought imaginable. And it'll empower you to approach anyone, anywhere, and break the tension and build rapport, while sounding like an old pro.

I've learned more about attraction and confidence than I thought possible. The feedback from the instructors was good and helpful in pushing me forward. I feel I've really been getting the most from the Bootcamp even though I have already gamed a lot... the coaches are very insightful and helpful when explaining the material... they helped me really understand the importance of vocal projection and demonstrated the material very well. Very good work on daytime approaching, pushing my boundaries of what I felt was possible. You guys provided very good 1-1 great feedback...I learned about the technique breakdown of the game. watching the instructors in set was so important.

- Lou W., United Kingdom

Listen: knowing exactly what to do, and when to do it, will trim years off your learning curve. (And most "naturals" never learn this at all.. they "shoot from the hip" and their closing ratios are embarrassing... yet they still get with dozens of hot girls per year!)

{!name}, if you're feeling a strong inner pull that says "Do this!", then trust your instincts, and grab all of the tools and resources we've spent years developing - so you can instantly profit from our years of hard-won experience. You can only come out ahead.

To learn more, check out this link:


All right baby, they're calling me, I gotta catch this plane. Talk to you next time!


Jeffy, Executive Coach REAL SOCIAL DYNAMICS

PS...Do you have any questions or success stories that you'd like to see in this newsletter? Keep it brief, email them to me at jlaix@realsocialdynamics.com and I'll answer them personally. I'll provide the solution to any challenge you can possibly put to me. Remember: even if an obstacle seems "big" to you, our team has probably faced it hundreds of times, so we can solve
it in a SNAP.

Copyright 2004/2005 Real Social Dynamics Inc., All Rights Reserved. Real Social Dynamics is a trademark of Real Social Dynamics Inc. You agree to all of the following by accepting and reading this: You understand this to be an expression of opinions and not professional advice. It is only to be used for personal entertainment purposes. You are solely responsible for the use of the ideas, concepts, and content and hold Real Social Dynamics Inc. and all members and affiliates harmless in any event or claim. If you are under the age of 18, please go to the link at the end of this e-letter to stop receiving it or send mail to "RSD" 8491 West Sunset Boulevard, #452, West Hollywood, CA 90069.

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