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Exploit the Power of Niche Markets to Get Her Hot ASAP

Good morning/afternoon/evening, Friend!

It's early in the morning here, I'm sitting by the San Francisco Bay having a cup of coffee that, honestly, kind of sucks. Just sitting here watching the planes take off and land at SFO.

I find this pretty relaxing, and actually kind of reassuring. I travel a lot for this job, and seeing dozens of planes NOT CRASHING on take-off/landing goes a long way to calm my nerves about the safety of air travel.

At least it used to, until I told this to a pilot friend of mine, who replied, "Oh no, stuff breaks ALL THE TIME, they just don't tell you about it."


What am I talking about here? This is a newsletter about pickup, not some dreary existentialist blog about the futility of life. Let's talk shop.

Today, I'm tumbling some generalizations about pickup through my head to see what I come up with. Large brush strokes. In this vein, a lot of things can be said.

Your success or failure with women has no bearing whatsoever on your value as a human being.

Massive repetition of social interaction is the only way to develop a noticeably improved social intelligence.

Game is, fundamentally, the expression of your inner state, conveyed through the rhythms you use to direct the energy of the interaction.

These are all valid and valuable insights. But I am drawn back to the overarching truth about pickup, which is as follows:

Always be cooler than the girl.

In other words, when you're trying to attract and captivate a woman, it's always about VALUE. Are you someone who she could gain value from being with? Ultimately, this is the main factor in her decision whether or not to hop in the sack with you.

Of course, the idea of "value" is largely subjective, meaning it can take many, many different forms and mean different things to different people.

It was these realizations that led to the development of the tactic we like to call the "display of higher value", or DHV.

As you're probably aware by now, at RSD we look at any given pickup as a PROCESS.

After you find a girl you want to get to know, the first step is to OPEN her. This is basically the act of approaching and initiating a conversation.

After that, you need to HOOK them, and hook them FAST. After you open the set, you have a very short window in which to generate some attraction and hook it, or else you'll end up with an interaction that goes nowhere.

There are many, many different ways to build attraction FAST, as is necessary when you want to hook a set. Out of all of these, the display of higher value may be the most effective of all.

There are many ways to go about this. You might do it by being very commanding and sure of yourself, controlling and directing the conversation and showing a high tolerance to social pressure. You might say something that shows you're very knowledgeable about a particular subject. It could just come from the way you're dressed and the way you carry yourself.

No matter how you approach it, a display of higher value is almost guaranteed to get the girls looking at you in a favorable light, one conducive to getting you L-A-I-D.

Based on all this, it kind of goes without saying that I'm always looking for an angle to go all DHV on that ass.

It was with this in mind that I STUMBLED upon a magical discovery.

Some VENUES are actually engineered with displays of higher value BUILT-IN.

Yes, that's right. There are certain settings and places you can go that, by their very nature, ensure you will come off as someone with higher value, if you know how to work it right.

As I said, I stumbled upon this accidentally in my early stages of development in the game. You might recall that I'm a huge fan of the ART of KARAOKE. I try to get out there at least once a week, sometimes more. Over the years, I've gotten pretty good at it, not just the singing part, but the whole stage presence, how to work the crowd, etc.

My particular forte is the rockin' 80's power ballad. You know what I'm talking about. Journey. Air Supply. Chicago. REO Speedwagon.

I like this stuff, because for three and a half minutes at a time, I can pretend I have emotions. Which is cool. Sort of.

Anyway, I used to go there just to sing. But after I started getting involved in the game, I started looking out for chicks in the venue that I could practice on.

What I noticed wasn't really that surprising, but shook my head up nonetheless: after I got up and sang, girls would throw me approach invitations like it was nobody's business. Sets would open like a hot knife through butter. The chicks would literally have stars in their freakin eyes.

It's crazy... it's like the karaoke casts a spell that magically obscures the fact that I'm just a fat, boring drunk.

One chick even told me after we had sex, "I had to sleep with you. You sang 'Separate Ways'!"

I'm like, "Uhhh... ok...? This is your SELECTION CRITERIA?" Whatever!

The point of all this is: I had a pre-existing hobby which I happened to excel at, and I discovered that it dovetailed nicely with my new interest in pick-up.

In other words, I had a venue that held, for me at least, a built- in DHV. A niche market.

I've since found that the karaoke bar is a perfect venue for "day 2s", or second meets with the girl after I get her phone number. I'm socially proofed there, there's little or no competition to speak of, and I get the opportunity to project higher value on myself through my karaoke craftsmanship.

Note, I never make a big deal out of it, like, "Oh, we HAVE to go to KARAOKE, I LOOVE IT!" If I were to do that, it would make it seem contrived, like I plotted and planned this whole thing to impress her. Instead, I throw it out real casually, as though it's just an off-the-cuff idea I had for a fun date. Sometimes, I'll just tell them the name of the bar and have them meet me there without letting on what it is. Before I go up, I always downplay it, saying how much I suck, etc.

I'm not suggesting you go to the karaoke bar here. This ain't American Idol. What I definitely WOULD recommend is that you try to hunt down niche markets that work FOR YOU.

Let me throw out some other examples to give you some ideas to brainstorm off of:

Salsa or swing dancing. Not my thing personally, but many people are into this stuff. If you can dance, these events are a great, fun way to show some value while getting physical at the same time. From what I hear, people hook up at these things ALL THE TIME. Something to consider.

Sporting events in sports you're good at. This could be a softball game with your friends in the park. Hell, it could even be bowling or miniature golf. It doesn't necessarily have to be anything very "cool"... as long as you're displaying value in the context of the activity, it has the desired effect.

I mean, come on... karaoke? Not really that cool, but trust me... it works.

Another idea might be an art show, if you're really well versed in the ins and outs of that scene. You get the picture.

One thing to watch out for, though, make sure the venue or event isn't TOO NERDY.

One of my friends is a big fan of this "Pub Quiz". You know what this is, it's like trivia night at the pub, with teams competing for prizes. The problem here is, it's usually completely devoid of pretty women. The same warning would apply to things like Star Trek conventions and the like. Use common sense.

Anyway, this is an incredibly powerful concept that every aspiring pick-up artist should leverage to their advantage: niche markets.

And it's just one of the HUNDREDS of tips, tactics and techniques you'll learn at our live, in-field programs.

Over the course of the program, you'll be bombarded with MOUNTAINS of cutting-edge information to rocket your game to the next level.

Armed with this information, you'll be able to:

=> Approach any group of people without fear or hesitation.

=> Immediately capture their undivided attention.

=> Separate yourself from the competition.

=> Build attraction within minutes (if not seconds).

=> Consistently establish comfort and trust.

=> Deflect any opposition with conversational ninjitsu.

=> Demonstrate that your standards are extremely high.

=> Seal the deal consistently!

Our bulletproof system is the final product of years of fine-tuning, polishing, and perfecting. It'll increase your success beyond what you thought imaginable. And it'll empower you to approach anyone, anywhere, and break the tension and build rapport, while sounding like an old pro.

Listen: knowing exactly what to do, and when to do it, will trim years off your learning curve. (And most "naturals" never learn this at all.. they "shoot from the hip" and their closing ratios are embarrassing... yet they still get with dozens of hot girls per year!)

{!name}, if you're feeling a strong inner pull that says "Do this!", then trust your instincts, and grab all of the tools and resources we've spent years developing - so you can instantly profit from our years of hard-won experience. You can only come out ahead.

To learn more, check out this link:


"My skill is very much improved from taking the course, and I have a direction and understanding that I didn't have before. It was well structured, and everyone got direct attention and feedback in their interactions.

I finally got to see the types of skilled pickups that I'd read about. It was nothing like I've ever see from my natural friends, who are also very good in their own right and I've learned a lot from them too. The RSD guys are in a league of their own though.

The instructors would tell me exactly how to approach, whisper into my ear what to say, and fix my body language, right in set IN FRONT OF THE GIRLS! The girls never noticed, and as soon as the corrections were made they would really open up.

The whole group was great, too. I heard two students give reports that they got laid at the end of the night, and one of them was very shy. Many students with no skill got tonguedowns and phone numbers, and all of them seemed a lot more confident. I can't imagine that anyone wouldn't take a lot from the program."

- Slo, Montreal, Canada

{!name}, if you're really serious about taking your game to the next level and taking CONTROL of your social life once and for all, there's no faster way to do it than by participating in a Real Social Dynamics LIVE, IN-FIELD Personalized Workshop or Bootcamp.

Remember, when I first got into the game, I was a complete dork who had been with less than ten women in my ENTIRE LIFE.

Today, I've been with at least ten times that amount, and pull threesomes regularly. My skill level is beyond what I ever imagined possible.

The point is, yeah, I've gotten this part of my life handled... but it took me several YEARS to get here.

You don't have to wait that long.

You can profit INSTANTLY from our years of hard work!

At the RSD live programs, your game is no longer your problem. It's our problem.

There's no time to waste... take the steps to unleash the "ladies' man" you know you have lurking inside, ASAP!

You can see our upcoming schedule of events and sign up for your Personalized Workshop TODAY by clicking here:


You'll be glad you did.

All right, I think I'm about done sitting by the dock of the bay here. What am I, Otis Redding? Great song and all, but I'm not really the outdoor type. At least not during the day.

It's cool though, writing this has got me all worked up for karaoke tonight. I've working out my set list already, and it's chock full of mullet-flavored superhits. I can feel the value shining on me already.

See you next time.


Jeffy, Executive Coach REAL SOCIAL DYNAMICS

PS...Do you have any questions or success stories that you'd like to see in this newsletter? Keep it brief, email them to me at jlaix@realsocialdynamics.com and I'll answer them personally. I'll provide the solution to any challenge you can possibly put to me. Remember: even if an obstacle seems "big" to you, our team has probably faced it hundreds of times, so we can solve
it in a SNAP.

Copyright 2004/2005 Real Social Dynamics Inc., All Rights Reserved. Real Social Dynamics is a trademark of Real Social Dynamics Inc. You agree to all of the following by accepting and reading this: You understand this to be an expression of opinions and not professional advice. It is only to be used for personal entertainment purposes. You are solely responsible for the use of the ideas, concepts, and content and hold Real Social Dynamics Inc. and all members and affiliates harmless in any event or claim. If you are under the age of 18, please go to the link at the end of this e-letter to stop receiving it or send mail to "RSD" 8491 West Sunset Boulevard, #452, West Hollywood, CA 90069.

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