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Principles of Being a Love Magnet, Part 1

Rinatta Paries

"Love Magnet:" A single person able to attract the right partner effortlessly; a person in a relationship who is able to attract his or her partner's love and affection effortlessly.

We all want love. For a certain, fairly small percentage of the population, love comes easily, naturally. For the rest of us, love can be a struggle whether we are a single or in a relationship. Singles often work hard to find love; people in relationships often work hard to get and maintain love.

However, attracting and getting love does not have to be a struggle. Really. You can become the kind of person who has a particular kind of an aura, a particular kind of a light that draws love to you. The more light you have, the more easily love comes to you. You can become a love magnet.

Regardless of your relationship status, check out the first 10 principles of being a love magnet. Embodying these, becoming these, you will attract and keep the love you want, effortlessly.

1. Take care of yourself, first.
Be your top priority, then give only when you genuinely can. Good self care turns on a light inside of you that is unmistakably attractive.

2. Set strong boundaries.
Take good care of yourself and the world will feel like a friendly, safe place. Life will become less about trusting others and more about trusting yourself. You can then allow attraction to work, rather than fearing you will attract the wrong person.

3. Complete your past.
Your past appears at the most inopportune moments. You will think you are reacting to the situation in front of you, but in reality you will be reacting to the past. An incomplete past dims your light and makes you unattractive.

4. Stop being angry.
Ok, I don't mean swallow your anger and pretend it's not there. I mean do what you need to do to let go of it. Anger dims your light by taking up your energy.

5. Make integrity a priority.
Simply put, you feel better about yourself when you are in tune with your own standards. The better you feel about yourself, the brighter you shine.

6. Step over nothing.
Gloss over nothing that bothers you and nothing that elates you. The more you communicate, the more you shine.

7. Be fearless.
Everything that is worth doing involves a risk, a gamble. Sure your heart could be broken, but having taken a risk, you will feel alive. The more risks, the more aliveness, the more attractive you are.

8. Be generous and kind, with no strings.
Do something loving, kind, with no hope of return, many times. Do something generous and kind in your most important relationships. Very attractive.

9. Have compassion.
Be able to stand in someone else's shoes. The more you can "get" people, understand them, the more attractive you become.

10. Be grateful.
Count your blessings. Celebrate your life, even if you don't want to. An attitude of gratitude will light you up.

Your Relationship Coach,
Rinatta Paries

(c) Rinatta Paries, 1998-2005.

Forget everything you know about love, dating, and relationships. Get inside advice and tips for finding true love, falling in love the right way and staying together happily. Read Love Coach Rinatta Paries' www.LoveCoachBlog.com to learn how to get and keep true love in.

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