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Principles of Being a Love Magnet, Part 2

Rinatta Paries

"Working Definition: Love Magnet - A single person able to attract the right partner effortlessly; a person in a relationship who is able to attract his or her partner's love and affection effortlessly.

Attracting and getting love does not have to be a struggle. Really. You can become the kind of person with the kind of light, an aura, that draws love to you. The more light you have, the more easily love comes to you.

I've compiled a list of the principles of being a love magnet, and shared the first 10 with you last week. To recap, here they are:

1. Take care of yourself, first.
2. Set strong boundaries.
3. Complete your past.
4. Stop being angry.
5. Make integrity a priority.
6. Step over nothing.
7. Be fearless.
8. Be generous and kind, with no strings.
9. Have compassion.
10. Be grateful.

You can see these principles in detail in part one of this article here.

Here are the next 10 principles of being a love magnet.

11. Say "No," a lot.

Say no when you want to say no but should say yes. Say no when you want to say no but are afraid of hurting others' feelings. Say no when you want to and need to say no but would rather be nice. Saying no shows you that you matter. And when you matter, you shine.

12. Trust yourself.

Trust your feelings, your thoughts, your gut. Trust yourself more than you trust anyone else; only you know yourself that well. Trust your own advice above any else's. Trusting yourself increases your self esteem, which makes you very attractive.

13. Value yourself highly.

Don't settle for anything. Want and work toward getting the best treatment, the best of life, the best of love. You are valuable and precious. Treat yourself as such and others will too.

14. Be everything you want.

Be everything you want your partner to be. And be everything you want to be for yourself. This makes it possible for your right partner to be drawn to you and gives you a wonderful, satisfying life.

15. Express yourself.

Express your creativity. Express your brilliance. Express your passion. Express your feelings. Give voice to the song inside you. The more self-expressed you are, the better you will feel about yourself and life and the more you will shine.

16. Live your best life.

Don't wait to have a partner to live the life you want to live. Don't waste your time making excuses for not living the life you want. What's more attractive than a happy, fulfilled person?

17. Shine, from the inside.

Different things make different people shine. However, what's guaranteed to give you a glow is deeply satisfying activities or endeavors. What can you get involved in that will be deeply satisfying?

18. Open your heart.

Be open to relationships of all kinds, connect with people for the purpose of connection. Be truly interested in people. Let go of the idea that the only reason to meet new people is to find the one. Very attractive.

19. Learn to listen.

Learn to listen to what people are saying instead of what you think they are saying. The way to do this is to stop worrying about what you will say in response or how what is being said will affect you. If you learn to listen you will be a sought after person.

20. Learn to communicate.

Learn how to say what you need to say even when you are terrified, or when you think no one will agree, or even if you think you will be judged. Learn how to do this gently. The more you speak your mind and heart, the better you will feel about yourself.

Your Relationship Coach,
Rinatta Paries

(c) Rinatta Paries, 1998-2005.

Forget everything you know about love, dating, and relationships. Get inside advice and tips for finding true love, falling in love the right way and staying together happily. Read Love Coach Rinatta Paries' www.LoveCoachBlog.com to learn how to get and keep true love in.

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