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Principles of Being a Love Magnet, Part 3

Rinatta Paries

"Working Definition: Love Magnet - A single person able to attract the right partner effortlessly; a person in a relationship who is able to attract his or her partner's love and affection effortlessly.

Attracting and getting love does not have to be a struggle. Really. You can become the kind of person with the kind of light, an aura, that draws love to you. The more light you have, the more easily love comes to you.

I've compiled a list of the principles of being a love magnet, and have so far shared the first 20 with you. To see them again, go here for the first 10. And here for the second 10.

Here are my final 10 principles of being a love magnet. By embodying these, becoming these, you will be able to attract and keep the love you want.

21. Ask for what you want.

Ask for what you want, again and again and again, in every area of your life. Every time you ask for what you want you give yourself and others the message that you are valuable and worth caring for. If you don't already, by doing this you will begin to feel valuable. And when you feel valuable, you
are attractive.

22. Appreciate and acknowledge.

Seeing the best in others brings out their best. You become a very attractive person when you appreciate and acknowledge others, because you bring the best out in people.

23. Surrender control.

Learn to flow with life. Learn to like difference,
change, spontaneity and risk. The more you can flow, the more free you will feel. And feeling free will make you shine.

24. Welcome interdependence.

Independence is overvalued--and it renders you unable to truly connect with another human being. To love someone is to depend on that person. Yes, it is a risk. But without taking that risk, you will never know love.

25. Get everything you want.

Go for everything you want in life and don't let fear stop you. Your persistent desires call you to your true self. The more you follow that call, the more genuine, self-expressed and authentic you are. And the more authentic you are, the more you stand out, the more you attract.

26. Never settle.

Never settle, especially in a relationship. This does not mean you have to find the "perfect" man or woman. It means you become willing to honor your wants and needs. Honor them to the extent that having them met becomes a condition for having a relationship. And be willing to let go of a relationship when your most important needs have no hope of being met.

27. Contribute to others.

Make a difference in the world -- feed your soul and your humanity. This ignites an unmistakably attractive light.

28. Get involved.

Expand your community, not simply to meet a mate but to be connected, to participate, to belong. As a bonus, you will probably meet your ideal mate this way.

29. Grow yourself.

Develop your capacity for introspection, for feelings, for creativity and spontaneity, for love, for trust. The more you grow yourself the more you will know about attracting and building a relationship to last a lifetime.

30. Take action.

Some people never take action because they are afraid or unsure about the outcome. Some live in their dreams of the future, but neglect to take steps toward that future, leaving it unborn. The only way to have a life you love and a relationship you adore is to take steps to make it happen. Everything you do or don't do now impacts your future.

Your Relationship Coach,
Rinatta Paries

(c) Rinatta Paries, 1998-2005.

Forget everything you know about love, dating, and relationships. Get inside advice and tips for finding true love, falling in love the right way and staying together happily. Read Love Coach Rinatta Paries' www.LoveCoachBlog.com to learn how to get and keep true love in.

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