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How To Brag To Women The Right Way

Hey Guys,

I've got a question for you: Does bragging to women work? If your answer is "yes," you're right. If your answer is "no," keep reading – my rationale might surprise you.

Fact: You can utilize, for example, money, successes, accomplishments, education, places you've traveled…and so on as powerful tools for succeeding with women. Women feel attraction towards men they perceive as a PRIZE. The more virtues, therefore, you can use to fuel the attraction fire inside a woman, the larger it will grow. If you feel you don't have any virtues, don't worry – you can still ATTRACT and succeed with heaps of beautiful women.

If you have these resources, though, start harnessing their power. Maybe you're thinking, "I might impress younger, pedestrian women but touting my successes and accomplishments to older, more sophisticated and jaded women will cause them to have a blasé attitude toward me."

This thinking is wrong and as you keep reading you'll begin to realize why. Conveying a virtue of yours to women can turbo charge your success with them – whether it is a financial success or a personal accomplishment, an exotic place you've traveled or an interesting location you've lived, a level of education you've achieved or a novel talent you have. The problem is that the way most men brag turns women off.

But don't worry – I'm going to teach you the right way to transpire your virtues to women.

Before I tell you this secret, I am going to share a little story with you that spawned the idea to write this article.

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend of mine. The conversation started off friendly yet ended up turning into a proverbial Quaalude. If conversations had a taste or smell, this one would have reeked of foot and ass.

He started overtly bragging to me about all of the people he knew, money he had…and so on. After about twenty minutes of him boasting galore, I started to get quite bored. I felt like he was trying to get a job from me, presenting his résumé the best he could. It came across as a compendium of glib possessions and accomplishments devoid of any human experience. I was not impressed. Why? Is it that I'm jaded? No – because no matter how prodigious his accomplishments were, he couldn't have impressed me.

Nothing, however, about the content of what he said turned me off. What irked me was the way he said it. The manner in which he bragged made him look desperate for approval from me. His need for validation appeared to be on life support. To put it mildly, I was turned off. Just imagine how much he turns women off.

What is the lesson to be learned? Bragging in a way that conveys a need for approval and validation turns women off – especially those who are educated, intelligent, and experienced. You could have the most impressive résumé in the world, but if you transpire it in a way that conveys your need for validation and approval, you'll attract about as many women as you'd get bitten by vampires if you were covered in garlic – none.

Overt bragging to a woman will usually have one of two outcomes: She'll either think you're outright trying to manipulate her into seeing you in a certain light or she'll think you're trying to get her validation and approval. Both are bad and huge turn offs. When a woman is onto your overt bragging, the Meta-Frame or the underlying meaning of your interaction with her gets recontextualized as her being the PRIZE, not you. This is bad. As those of you who've studied my book know, women feel ATTRACTION toward men they see as the PRIZE.

What is the right way to transpire your virtues to women without coming across as manipulative or seeking their approval? This is the crux of the issue.

I'm going to share with you a method for doing this that has skyrocketed my own success with women.

The method involves story telling – a must have social skill for interacting with people and attracting women. If you are not confident using story telling while interacting with women and you have not yet begun studying my book, do so.

Okay, here is the method. What I'll do is use story telling to disclose a virtue about myself to her without conveying a single morsel of neediness for her validation or approval. The stories I tell are never about the virtue I'm intending to transpire. The virtue I want women to notice usually is either the context of the story or an ancillary detail about the story.

One of the examples I give of this in my book is a story about discovering, while traveling in Prague, that women are perverts. Although the main point of the story is that women are perverts, the context it takes place in is Prague, causing many women to infer that I'm well traveled. With this technique you're able to transpire a virtue about yourself without coming across as needy or desperate for a woman's approval. Learning to imply things, as opposed to overtly saying them, is a KEY element for making women actively listen and participate in a story you are telling.

A friend once argued against me: "If they've been to Eastern Europe, aren't they going to feel blasé toward your experience." My answer to this is a resounding "no!"

True, if they have had a similar experience to you, they aren't likely to put you up on an unattainable pedestal floating on a golden cloud. They are, however, likely to feel a special bond to you, thinking that you are one of an exclusive few who's had similar experiences to them.

This, my friend, is only the tip of the iceberg – I've developed many powerful strategies for transpiring your virtues without conveying neediness for approval or validation. I'm currently finishing up a new audio course where I'm going to reveal all of them to you. In my book, Real World Seduction, you'll discover truckloads of powerful secrets and strategies, allowing you to transpire your virtues without looking needy. This is a key ingredient for making women see you as a PRIZE they yearn to be with. My book is currently the only body work available on the subject, giving you the foundation to start using these strategies immediately. Listen…if you know there is something simple you can do to immediately improve an area of your life, leading to more happiness and success, are you going to do it? I hope on the inside you're thinking a resounding "yes." As far as we know, we only live once. Don't cheat yourself. Start right now learning and mastering the necessary skills to live your life to its full potential by grabbing a copy of my book today.

I don't care if you are bald or short or fat or broke…or whatever it is you feel is preventing you from succeeding with women. ATTRACTION is not what a woman prefers or how she judges you. ATTRACTION is how she responds to you establishing yourself as the Prize combined with creating the emotion inside her of wanting and reaching for more of you. As long as you are able to establish yourself as the Prize, get them emotionally wanting more of you, and suck them into your reality, success with beautiful women is in your reach. If you are ready to master these skills and start ATTRACTING the women you desire, pick up a copy of my book today at: http://www.realworldseduction.com

Till next time,

To learn more about my secret step-by-step system for attracting women and receive your five day attracting women email mini course visit http://www.realworldseduction.com You can signup and receive part one of the mini course within the next few minutes (All information is 100% confidential and will not be disclosed to any outside parties).

P.S. If you have a success story you would like to share, or a question you would like to ask, or a comment you would like to make, please email me at swinggcat@realworldseduction.com
Include the fist initial of your first and last name. And include the country, state/province, and city you live in.

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